Provavel set list do Belphegor & Obituary no Brasil

Hail Headbanguers do Metal Militia!

Estava quase esquecendo minha promessa de colocar o provavel set list do Belophegor e Obituary na tour brasileira que terá 4 datas:

02/12 – Bar Opinião – Porto Alegre/RS
04/12 – Hangar 110 – São Paulo/SP
05/12 – Bar Brasil – Belo Horizonte/MG
06/12 – Hammer Rock Bar – Campinas/SP

Set List  Belphegor:

01. Bleeding Salvation
02. Seyn Todt in Schwartz
03. Hell’s Ambassador
04. Lucifer Incetus
05. Stigma Diabolicum
06. Walpurgis Rites
07. Justine: Soaked In Blood
08. Reichswehr In Blood
09. Bondage Goat Zombie

Set List Obituary:

01. List of Dead
02. Blood to Give
03. Internal Bleeding
04. On The Floor
05. Dying
06. Face Your God
07. Threatening Skies
08. Forces Realign
09. Dethroned Emperor (Celtic Frost cover)
10. The End Complete
11. Final Thoughts
12. Contrast The Dead
13. Chopped in Half/Turned Inside Out
14. Drum/Guitar Solo
15. Slow Death Evil Ways
16. Slowly We Rot

Fico por aqui e como sempre, a galera que for vendo o show, vai postando o que achou dos caras ao vivo!!!

Chefe – Metal Militia


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